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Strengthen Your Ministry’s Defenses

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On March 29, Brotherhood Mutual will host its first risk management webinar of 2017: “Church Safety & Security: Building & Training Your Team.”


One of the first steps toward protecting your church is creating a safety and security team. Team members may need to make split-second decisions with lives on the line. Recruiting the right people and training them properly is critical. If you’re considering starting a safety and security team at your church, or refining your existing team’s processes, this presentation is a must-see.

Topics covered will include how to engage church leaders about safety & security, how to plan and launch a security team for your ministry, and the next steps to maintain your ministry team for long-term success.

Meet the presenters:

The webinar will take place March 29, 2017 from 1-2 PM. Hurry to sign up using the link below, registration is limited!



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